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Caitlin Cunningham is the Director of Operations for Fit Kids America of Los Angeles County. Caitlin has over 10 years experience of coaching and working with children. She is a San Diego native who has been with FKA since 2015. Her favorite classes to teach are Cheer, Arts and Crafts, and Cooking. She is also a 200Hr Certified Yoga Trainer through CorePower Yoga. Caitlin is a UCLA alumna and is excited to introduce, and share her passion for, Fit Kids America all across Los Angeles County. 



Cayla is the Executive Assistant of Fit Kids America of Los Angeles County. Cayla first began working with Fit Kids in 2016 as a Cheer and Hiphop coach. Now she assists with the growing Los Angeles County branch! Cayla enjoys baking, drawing, and playing video games... and eventually hopes to share some of these interests to LA! 


Faith is the Associate Manager at Fit Kids America of Los Angeles County. This is Faith's first year working for FKA, but she has 6 years of managing experience and 12 years of experience working with children! When Faith isn't in the office, she enjoys going to the gym or hanging out with her dog, Zelda!


Hayden is the Senior Manager at Fit Kids America of Los Angeles County. Hayden oversees everything that goes on at FKA LA! He is also a huge sports fan. Hayden currently plays baseball and flag football, and he enjoys basketball, football, soccer, frisbee golf and kickball. 



Austin is one of our Culver City coaches who also grew up locally! He was a high school athlete playing soccer and running track, and he just recently graduated from college with a degree in Kinesiology and is starting to further explore the world of sports. 

“I’ve always enjoyed working with kids. As a sports coach, you’re able to teach kids about teamwork, staying active, and most importantly, having fun!” -Coach Austin


Hailey has been a soccer coach for the past two years. She finds passion in the sport and hopes of working in the soccer arena with her future career. Working with kids has been something that she has always stuck with. She has even been a counselor for multiple camps since she was thirteen.

"Combining working with kids and coaching soccer has been nothing less than a dream for me. My favorite part about working as a soccer coach is the amount of joy and passion kids have to learn to be the BEST soccer player ever. Even better than me! :)" -Coach Hailey


Jacqueline was a student athlete and is aware of the importance of balancing education and sports. Her profession as a community health educator and passion for soccer lead her to be part of the Fit Kids America as a soccer coach. 

“I enjoy teaching  children to be physically active in a fun and safe environment along with healthy eating to create life long healthy habits!" -Coach Jacqueline


For several years, Jonathan taught Drama/Musical Theatre to children K-6 while pursuing a career in music and media studies. His goal with FKA of Los Angeles County is to keep the next generation moving through soccer and more fun outdoor activities. 

"I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to share my love of fitness and art through fitkidsAmerica. Go FKA!" -Coach Jonathan


Ever since she was 4 years old, soccer has always been a big part of her life. Neyda received a full ride scholarship at a D1 program while getting her degree in Psychology. She is currently working on playing professionally, and at the same time wants to continue expanding her horizons in coaching and giving back to her community. This is one of the many reasons she is so happy to be a part of FitKids America. 

“Being involved in sports has taught me so many life lessons along with creating the best memories I still carry through this day. I hope to create fun and memorable experiences for my students while teaching them how to live a healthy and active lifestyle.” -Coach Neyda


Preston, known as Coach Presto by his students, has years of experience teaching theater and dance to middle schoolers and highschoolers in the LA area. He now hopes to teach the younger generation the benefits of recreational activities through fun and engaging games and drills. His positive attitude inspires both the kids and coaches alike!

"Hey this is Preston! My goal is to not only educate, but foster an environment of fun and memorable activities!" -Coach Presto


Simon has played soccer at all levels throughout his life and has an undying passion for the sport. He has also worked with kids at all different age levels, from preschool to high school, for many years. Additionally, he is currently the Parliamentarian of his YMCA Youth and Government chapter. 

“I hope that I will be able to have sports and exercise become the same thing to my students as it is to me, something healthy to do but more importantly something fun that brings joy, happiness, and community.” -Coach Simon


Travis is a former camp counselor and has two years of coaching experience. Travis' favorite classes are basketball, dodgeball, kickball, soccer, volleyball, and yoga!

"My name is Travis Torres. I enjoy working with kids and seeing them grow. Being a coach is more than teaching the kids skills but also being a role model for them. I enjoy spreading acts of love, peace, and joy to heal the world and make the world a better place." -Coach Travis

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