While our most popular program is our After School Enrichment Classes, 

Fit Kids America offers a variety of different programs. 


After School Classes

We offer hour long after school enrichment classes right on your campus! Our sessions usually run 8-12 weeks in length depending on your school's calendar... all year long! Perfect for parents who need an extra hour after school ends and for students who want to play right after school.

Back-To-School Nights

For Back-To-School Nights or Parent/Teacher Conferences, invite our Fit Kids Coaches to host fun games for students on the field. We'll conduct coordinated sports on campus for all students while parents and teachers meet!

Graduation Celebrations

Graduating/Promoting is a HUGE accomplishment! Get the whole grade together with Fit Kids Coaches for a fun and exciting end of the year celebration. In the past we've hosted pizza parties, carnivals, relay races, sports tournaments, and outdoor water events!

Lunchtime Plays

Invite our Fit Kids Coaches during your school's lunchtime to help coordinate games during lunch. Our coaches will come to your campus to set up and host dodgeball, kickball, basketball, soccer, and flag football games... and more! 

Online Classes

These classes are just like the ones we host on campus... but instead, VIRTUALLY! We've held online classes for cheer, hiphop, zumba, yoga, arts and crafts, cooking, and theatre! For sports, instead of games, our coaches focus on various skills and drills online!

Pop-up Classes

Invite a Fit Kids Coach or two to come over to a neighborhood park or cul-de-sac to instruct any sport or activity you want! Our most popular neighborhood classes are soccer, hiphop, and arts and crafts! Perfect for neighborhood groups to come together and play.

Private Classes

Private classes are similar to the Pop-up Neighborhood Classes, but smaller! Invite a Fit Kids Coach to help teach your child the basics of a sport/activity or to help them better their current skill sets! Perfect for children who are too shy to work on their independent strengths in a regular class setting. 

Seasonal Camps

Not sure what to do on the days off of school? Invite the Fit Kids Team over to host 3-hour long (or longer!) day camps for 1 day, 1 week, or more! Perfect for 3 or 4 day weekends and seasonal breaks. We can meet on campus or at a local park!